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I have one in Bleu Ceil. It's a good size bag. It's smaller than the Mahina L. It sorta reminds me of the Palermo PM. I found a picture of Jessica Biel carrying one. I will post it for you. I hope that you get one before they sell out of this lovely color! Louis Vuitton Belts


Hello ladies!! So I went to get my nails done yesterday, I have my own tools and polish and after the lady was done she put the polish in my brand new Delightful!!!! I said NOOOOO!!!! She took it out and thought I was crazy I'm sure. Then she picked my purse up, not from the strap but from the top really rough and had it all crinkled up!!! I was HOT!!!! Next time I will bring a purse I don't care as much about or none at all. LV Belts


Louis Vuitton Neverfull Definitely get the LV's and CL's --the price increase is just insane! You could buy a used car for that price. I have Chanels but I love LV so much more--they're much more versatile and durable IMO.


LV Wallet lovely! =) congratss


Sounds like he was joking around. Either way no need to be angry about it. Life is to important to be angry about things as silly as this. Just enjoy your bags LV Belts

 You are all so sweet!!! Thanks xoxoxoxox Louis Vuitton Speedy 

Congrats!! LV Luggage

Sounds like a great trip I love the sunglasses on you looks fab LV Outlet